December 13
Holiday Shootout

Firefly Golf Course
Seekonk, MA

Course Info: Firefly Golf Course
Divisions: Boys 13 & Under Division, Boys 14-15 Division
Boys 16-18 Division, Collegiate Division, Girls Open Division
Field Size:


Holiday Shootout

Player Grad Date City/State Par 59
Qualifying Results
1.Davis Chatfield  2017 Attleboro, MA 54 Qualified for Shootout
2.Will Hall  Rollins Portsmouth, RI 58 Qualified for Shootout
2.Colin Sutyla 2018 Coventry, RI 58 Qualified for Shootout
2.James Imai 2019 Brookline, MA 58 Qualified for Shootout
2.Nick Cummings 2018 Weston, MA 58 Qualified for Shootout
6.Chris Francoeur 2017 Amesbury, MA 59 Qualified for Shootout
6.Will Dickson 2017 Providence, RI 59 Qualified for Shootout
6.Nick Cioe Alum Warren, RI 59 Qualified for Shootout
6.Joe Tucker 2017 Warwick, RI 59 Qualified for Shootout
10.Tucker Dalton Gullbrants 2021 Brockton, MA 62 Qualified for Shootout
10.Tim Carroll Assumption Portsmouth, RI 62 Qualified for Shootout
10.Mark Lounsbury Alum Taunton, MA 62 Qualified for Shootout
10.Connor Henderson 2016 Southborough, MA 62 Qualified for Shootout
14.Billy Walthouse URI Longmeadow, MA 63 Missed the Cut
14.Harry Grosso 2018 Wellesley, MA 63 Missed the Cut
14.Mat Goldman Alum Ramsey, NJ 63 Missed the Cut
17.Jeffrey Lang Dartmouth Lexington, MA 64 Missed the Cut
18.John Lazor Dartmouth Westwood, MA 65 Missed the Cut
18.Mithran Denbow 2017 Sandwich, MA 65 Missed the Cut
18.Seamus Fennelly URI Coventry, RI 65 Missed the Cut
18.John Conley Alum Rumford, RI 65 Missed the Cut
22.Athan Goulos St. Leo Peabody, MA 66 Missed the Cut
22.Jen Keim 2016 South Yarmouth, MA 66 Qualified for Shootout
24.Gabrielle Shieh 2020 Carlisle, MA 67 Missed the Cut
24.CJ Charpentier 2017 West Greenwich, RI 67 Missed the Cut
24.Alejandro Soto 2016 Newton, MA 67 Missed the Cut
27.Emily Nash 2019 Lunenburg, MA 69 Missed the Cut
28.Elliot Barber 2016 Exeter, RI 70 Missed the Cut
29.Ricky Angeli 2021 South Kingstown, RI 73 Missed the Cut
29.Luke Pearson 2017 Warwick, RI 73 Missed the Cut
31.Alex Sienkiewicz 2018 Portsmouth, RI 74 Missed the Cut
32.Noah Berthiaume 2019 Holland, MA 75 Missed the Cut
33.Mackenzie Conley 2019 Rumford, RI 78 Missed the Cut
34.James Thursby 2018 Warwick, RI 80 Missed the Cut
Shootout Results
1.Mark Lounsbury
2.Tim Carroll
3.Will Hall
4.Will Dickson
5.Nick Cummings
6.Davis Chatfield
7.Colin Sutyla
8.James Imai
8.Joe Tucker
10.Connor Henderson
10.Tucker Dalton Gullbrants
12.Jen Keim
12.Chris Francoeur

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